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Deal N Ship x Twitch Streamers

As E-Sports is becoming a new trend, Deal N Ship would also actively collaborating with local streamer on Twitch. We hope to help supporting and developing the local gaming community. 

We offer our streamers and their followers special discounts and would arrange special events. Follow them, show some support, and don’t miss the special offers!

Our Streamers:

CheeseHei - Deal N Ship x Streamer

CheeseHei is a Hong Kong local Streamer, streaming mainly in Cantonese. He mainly plays League of Legend on the Tai Wan Server. He also plays Pokemon and Mimios Craft and some other game. In additional to that, he seems to quite like the Japanese anime One Punch Man.


Wai Sun - Deal N Ship x Twitch Streamers
Waisun (衛生)

Waisun is from Macau and is currently in Tai Wan for his tertiary study. He been gaming since young and is still passionate on gaming. Rather than his gaming skill, he focuses more on communicating with his friends and audiences and hope to share the joy of gaming.

He plays mainly CS:GO and League of Legends in Tai Wan server; hosting his channel in Cantonese and English (when needed).


WalJai - Deal N Ship x Twitch Streamer
Wal Jai (Wal仔)

Wal is a Hong Kong based streamer broadcasted in HKES. In Year 2013-2015, he was crowned the champion of the Geforce League of Legend Autumn in school competition (HKU attitude). The award winning gamer hosts his channel in Cantonese, playing not alone League of Legends on Tai wan server, but also CS:GO, Overwatch and some other more.

Recently he took a step up, creating his own E-sport company - Dream Builder Esports.


Rain LOL - Deal N Ship x Twitch
Rain LOL (艾克本人)

Rain is a Hong Kong player focusing on League of Legend. He plays on the Tai Wan server for fun and is interactive with his audience. How he looks remains a mystery but that does not reduce the fun watching his channel.


小月老師 - Deal N Ship x Twitch Streamers
Nita (小月老師)

Nita is a streamer, so as a student and a part-time model. She is passionate in gaming so as cosplaying. She hosts her channel at night, playing League of Legends on the Tai Wan server, and would also play mobile games such as Puzzle and Dragon. She also takes part in NGO -- E-sport academy, hoping to promote E-sport.


慕容MoYung - Deal N Ship
MoYung (慕容)

MoYung is a Hong Kong Streamer passionate on E-sports and gaming. As one of the most subscribed streamer in Hong Kong, he plays not alone the normal League of Legends on Tai Wan server, but also PS4 games and phone games. On top of that, he would also like to spread some laughter among his audiences by including some other random videos in his channel. 


Jacky Fong(底線)

Jacky is one of the very first few starting to stream their gameplay in Hong Kong. Being more than just a hardcore gamer, he has been narrating gameplay in the past years and recently started running E-sport Academy as CEO and couch. What is unique about him is his habit of inviting guest streamers to stream with him (mostly cute girls games). Even though League of Legends is his main game, he is keen in trying many other games.


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