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The Top 2 Myths about Hong Kong Ecommerce Debunked


E-commerce is hard to trust. We get it. At DealnShip, we face that issue every day as employees and daily consumers in Hong Kong as well. For an exceptionally small (but densely populated) region, there are many pain points that this city faces. However, how many of these problems are actually 100% true? We decided to do a little investigative journalism. After a couple hours of research, we decided to debunk the 2 most popular myths when it comes to e-commerce in Hong Kong.

Myth #1 – The Delivery Fee is Expensive


Now granted, when Hong Kong is uttered in conversation, the industries that may come to mind include tourism, fashion, and/or services. On top of that, people may consider Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour as a trading hub for a massive import/export economy in this region. And they are not wrong. For proof, just check out the labels on some of the snacks and drinks at your local 7-11. A majority of your snacks came from a different country. The Oreos you may be snacking on? That Coca-Cola you’re drinking? Those came from the United States.

But… here is the thing though. Although it’s tough on a business’ bottom line to ship products to Hong Kong, the company is the one that makes the conscious choice to pass the cost of shipping to the customer. Try ordering something online from a western ecommerce site. There will definitely be a huge shipping cost.

Free Shipping on All DealnShip Orders

Free shipping

At DealnShip, charging customers any delivery fee is not allowed. That is why when you go to How It Works on our website, you will see that we actually offer all of our customers FREE shipping on all orders. As a company, we push ourselves to always take the extra step for customers so that we meet their every need. When you shop through us, you’ll be buying from one of the only ecommerce companies that will offer you free shipping in Hong Kong.

Myth #2 -  Ecommerce sites can’t be trusted


For this myth specifically, we definitely understand where the sentiment is coming from. From the NastyDress incident of 2014 to the Baidu-related student death of May 2016, it makes sense that ecommerce is not trusted at all. In both stories, they tell a sad tale of how a consumer bought a product/service online and the company betrayed the customer’s trust. And every time we read stories like those, we get upset. To betray a customer’s trust is the worst thing that any business can do. That is why we’re going to give you 3 things to look out for when you’re shopping online.

How to tell if an ecommerce company is NOT trustworthy?

  1. Are they on social media? – At a minimum, any company in Hong Kong should be on Facebook. If the brand isn’t posting frequently or doesn’t have a lot of followers, there may be a problem.
  2. Can you easily reach them? - The company of the future is the one that truly cares about customer service. If you can’t easily reach them through a phone call, email, or WhatsApp, that’s a red flag.
  3. Do they show their team? – The big thing about building trust online is showing the people who run the business. Look on their website or their Facebook page. If you can’t seem to find a video/picture of even their founder, there is an issue. At DealnShip, we proudly provide our customers with a video interview of James Kwan, the founder of DealnShip.


In the end, these are just the top 2 of the many myths out there when it comes to ecommerce. If you choose to buy online, just remember to follow our 3 tips.

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